New Members Class

new_member_class_website What is a Christian? What is the Gospel? How can we know God? What is Salvation? How do i know if I am saved?  Have these questions ever bothered you? Would you like to have these answered?

Here at FCBC we have a sixteen week course that is designed for those who wish to know more about what Christianity is all about. This class is something that we ask all of our prospective members to take and as such is represents the things which bind us together. In this class will discuss mainly two things, namely; What is the Gospel? and What is Conversion? These two things are absolutely vital to understand for Christians and so we really want to take the time to talk about them.

The class is available to take every four months and we would love to have you! The class is dialogue driven so be prepared to ask your questions as we think through them together as a class. At the end of this course you will know what it is God has done so that we could have a relationship with him. You will also know what happens to us when we believe the Gospel and are changed by it. Register today by contacting us!

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