ID-10088326Welcome to the resources section. Here you will find various tools that we hope will help you in your walk with Christ and his people. Below are some examples of the types of resources that you can expect to find here. Including:

  • Articles: From time to time we will post articles that deal with a variety of subjects that pertain to the Christian life. Whether it is a deep theological issue that we feel warrants our special consideration, or a practical issue that we want to think through together we encourage you to participate here. I say participate because our readers are encouraged to make comments on the articles by using the comment field. We want all of our members to feel free to voice their concerns or ask relevant questions about any given article. If you would like to receive an email notification whenever we publish new articles, simply enter your email on the right sidebar on the homepage where it says “subscribe by email”.


  • Helpful Books: Here we have put in a bookstore that is linked directly to You can look at different categories i.e. Church, and church membership, and then click on a specific book to shop on amazon for the best price.


  • Sermon Archive:   Here you will find the latest sermons, or sermon series from FCBC. Everything will be dated, and the speaker will be indicated so you can find the sermon your looking for. If you miss a Sunday or if your just trying to get a feel for our preaching, you can check it out here.

We hope that you find these resources edifying, and encouraging!

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